Friday, 14 January 2011

Filming Pictures (Our new actor)

Lucas On the beach. Casual Clothing.

Lucas at Train Station, Clothing smart.

Lucas and Grace at the beach.

Monday, 10 January 2011

 Due to complications in filming, it meant we need to re-shoot a lot of scenes. This is our new shooting script for a day full of filming.

Characters Needed
8am – 12pm
Train station scene
Lucas and Grace
12pm- 1pm
Beach Scene
Lucas and Grace
1pm – 2pm
Dog walk scene
Lucas and Grace
2pm – 3pm
Romantic meal scene
Lucas and Grace
3pm – 4pm
Sofa scene
Lucas and Grace
4pm – 5pm
Argument scene
Lucas and Grace
5pm – 6pm
Opening the letter
Lucas and Grace
6pm – 7pm
Pub scene
Lucas and Grace

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Complications with filming

We originally arranged to get all our filming done by this time and we were hoping to start our editing today. However our actor has proved unreliable and was unable to do any of the filming dates. So we have decided to change our actor in order to get it finished. We hope to get our filming done in the next 3 weeks. The actor we have chosen now is incredibly suitable for the part and committed to our schedule; Andy Hawkins. We are hoping that he has just as good as on screen chemistry between the actors as we did before. Now we are focusing on re-shooting our previous scenes and doing the main block of filming. It has put us back quite a way, but we hope to finish filming in the next 3 weeks despite the setbacks.