Thursday, 11 November 2010

Beach Filming day

Grace and Lucas, with costume and Location

Lucas's Costume
Grace Costume

Beach Location

Beach Location

Lighting on our first day could have potentially hindered us, just because the angle of which we wished to film from meant the sun was coming straight towards the camera. However we used this to our benefit to create an atmosphere of romance, and the silhouetted images we are hoping are going to be effective and add to our short films quality. We decided to collect a range of shots from different angles and for different lengths to make sure we have enough footage to edit later on. We experimented with different camera positions to make our film more interesting.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Weather for first filming date.

We are now ready to film, so our first filming date is Wednesday the 10th of November, we are filming a fairly short scene on the beach of Grace and Lucas together.
The weather for Wednesday is perfect for filming conditions, and by checking this we are showing our ability to plan ahead.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Costumes and Characters

Lucas - Lucas life is split into two and this can be seen in his personality.
In the successful life you can see elements of stress, arrogance with his wealth, yet loneliness. He wears suits which often reflect his personality.

In the other life Lucas shows more of a light hearted, fun person. Lucas wears more casual clothes to reflect his casual personality.

Grace is a bubbly, fun character closely relating to Lucas character.
Lucas's first costume

Lucas casual clothing.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Poster Mock Up

This is our first draft of our poster, telling the audience a small amount of the film and a source of marketing. In our poster we plan to show a picture of our main character standing facing away from the camera as if he was beginning his journey and setting off. The two tracks connote his two paths he could take in his life. We have decided to show them as train tracks to make the link between his choice and the train he potentially takes/ misses.
However with this poster there are many things to work on, for example the quality of the pictures and images will need improving and we plan to take our own pictures instead of using images from the Internet. Furthermore the background image needs working on and rethinking, whether we choose to take a different picture or come up with a different concept it needs changing because it is not effective enough.
For our font for our title we have chosen a sophisticated font and word which is directed to our audience as we are mainly targeting to a mature audience. Furthermore our tag line 'Sometimes its smallest decisions that can change your life forever' is one of which sums up the whole film and inevitably is the main message from the film.

Monday, 1 November 2010


Our main location is at a train station where our film is set, this is where our character has the flash forwards. Furthermore we also have a number of smaller locations for example;
The two houses of which he lives, an expensive house, and an average house,
A restaurant
On the beach
In the forest
In Lucas's office in his good job and shots of Lucas in a not so nice job.
We are hoping that the range of locations and fast pace of shots and different places will keep our audience interested all the way through.

Mood Board

                 This side shows a lonely yet successful side of Lucas's life. The rich and formal side.

This half of our mood board shows the one side of Lucas's life we hope to show the family life, we have shown happy families and aspects of a life with companionship.
The trains in the middle signifies the choice and the middle way and how he is torn between.


Our script is very short just because although we have our basis to our film, we are planning to film and add in dialouge later so it is more natural to our actors and the off bits of dialouge are more effective. The script shows a rough description of our shots however after experience we found we changed the script a lot during our filming dates.