Sunday, 3 April 2011

Making the Film Review

The film review creation was based mainly on decisions of placement and colour schemes and the correct text to include. Our film review progressed from group decisions to include a background image from the film. And adding images from the film. The layout is largley based on Empire's structure.


Non- Diegetic Sound

We composed our music on a Mac on Garage Band. We made several tracks to fit with our film. The first track to go with Lucas's getting ready for his job interview mainly using acousitc guitair samples and major piano sequences. The second track was for Lucas's wealthy life using delicate piano samples to give a slow sad melody. Furthermore we created one last track for the family life with Grace and for that we used a more upbeat major tune to show Lucas's happiness.

For sound effects we used to collect small sound samples to use at points of importance like the flash forwards and added sounds like the alarm clock.


Our voiceover for the beginning:
“We make many decisions everyday without a second thought; whether to have tea or coffee, what clothes to wear and what to have for dinner, but I never knew that the small decision I would make later this morning, would have such life changing consequences.”

Voiceover for the successful life:
"I had the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect lifestyle. It’s everyones dream to live a successful life like this, but as perfect as it was, I wasn’t happy, I was lonely. Getting on the train that day and getting this job has turned my life around. But money certainly isn’t everything, as what’s a great life when you have no one to share it with?"
Voiceover for the family life:
"I may not have had the perfect job or the perfect house, but I had the perfect woman. I was living the family life everyone dreams of and I couldn’t be happier. It was the little things that I loved the most; from walks on the beach to nights at home in front of the telly. Who would have thought that this woman at the train station would end up being my wife? "

FRIEND: You alright mate, ain’t seen you in a while, how’s things since the redundancy?  
LUCAS: Yeah not too bad thanks, I’m actually on the way to a job interview now, how’s things been with you?
F: well I’m still looking, haven’t found the right job yet but you know it’s been nice having some time off with the missus and kids.
L: Yeah I’m sure something will come up and I bet your kids have loved having you around, I guess I’m lucky I’ve only got to look after me.
F: Oh I bet it won’t be long till you have your own family, once you’ve met the right girl that is.
L: Yeah I hope so. 
F: Anyway, take care mate, don’t want you to miss your interview.
L: Yeah thanks, mate, cya soon, hope it all works out.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Making of the Poster

Adobe Photoshop was used to create the poster throughout a number of stages.We first cropped the image of Lucas and put it with the other 2nd picture. We then adjusted the brightness with the Dodge tool to give the same lighting.
We then came across a problem with the shadows so we used the eyedropper tool to get the exact colour of the bench to use on the shadow areas.

We then used smudge tools around the edges of the cropped images to make it blend in and look more realistic.
Then using the 'Lasoo Tool' we drew around the images of Lucas on the bench and separated it from the background, erasing any background left over around the edges.
From Feedback we realised Lucas's hairline on the wealthy life image did not look good so we fixed his hair line so it was smooth.