Monday, 13 December 2010

Media theorist and Representations

In our short film we have used two representations of lives. This could link to the theorist Karl Marx, he was the founder of communism and suggested that capitalism societies brain washed everyone into thinking it was good for them. This can link to the media as powerful rich individuals in the media are able to present what they want in the media for the mass to view. This can be clearly seen in one section of our film where we represent a way of life; a rich successful one. Here we are quite obviously representing a capitalist society and the benefits with it, e.g a large house and nice possessions. However in our view we show our main character as being lonely and not fully satisfied with his life and possibly undermining capitalism.
In our other representation of a family life we have given a representation of a woman. Our film is directed is potentially targeted to a female audience so there is no need to angle our film to the male mind as it would not appeal to women; the male gaze theory.
In some ways our short film can be presented in the frame of mind that we have created these steroypical lives and kept to all aspects of the sterotypes. We have used this possibly because like many other film producers sterotypes are a good way of getting a message across quickly and easily.

Looking at our short film through a feminists eyes you would get the view that Grace is a passive character and in many ways she is, the todorov theory would fit her into the princess type character. This then gives her a slightly bad representation of a woman as she is not powerful or dominating.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Film Poster Analysis

For our auxiliary task we need to produce a poster promoting our film. Here are a few examples of recent film posters of where we could learn from when producing our poster. Marketing in the film industry is incredibly important, although these are feature length films and ours is only a short film the principle and technique when creating it should be the same. It all comes down to the proximity's of the text and images shown on the poster, the chosen writing, the chosen pictures, the line to sum up the films narrative and finally the names included on the poster. These are all important when considering our poster because if our film was to really go on sale we would need to produce sufficient marketing tools and one of the most important is the poster.

This poster here uses two extremely iconic faces of Hollywood; Johnny Depp and Angelia Jolie. The creator has pointed this out explicitly and boldly as it is a unique selling point. It shows the genre, of which is incredibly important as the audience need to know if it will appeal to them. It shows this through the line saying ' the perfect trip, the perfect trap' connotating its a action thriller. The picture of the boat also hints to the idea that its a fast pace film with a lot of action.

This film poster, although not the same film genre as ours, straight away gets the genre across, with its choice of dark lighting and colours it shows its possibly a dark thriller or a horror; connoted by the red writing at the bottom which links to meanings such as danger or blood. This poster uses a photoshop edit to potentially communicate that they are running away from a memory as this image is inside his head, although I cannot be completely sure. The name 'Russel Crowe' Is also an extremely recognised name.
The Notebook, which has aspects of our genre, has taken an artistic picture to use as the main picture. The pale colours suggest its a love story as does the picture of the couple and therefore straight away connotes that the audience is of a female demograph. No particular names are in bold, although many famous actors and actresses appear in this film it is not the unique selling point. This would be similar to our poster as we have no famous actors within our film.