Sunday, 1 May 2011

In conclusion

In conclusion, despite several set backs with actors not being available and locations not letting us film, I am pleased with the outcome with our final products. They are what we hoped for when we first set out planning even though there has been changes throughout it has the general feel we were looking for. It has been a challenging but fulfilling experience and I have learnt a lot along the way. I am now more experiences and experimental with camera angles and movements, and more experienced in editing and techniques. Although the problems that occurred were challenging at the time its possible to learn from those mistakes and hopefully next time plan thoroughly and organize film dates and stick to them. Luckily for us in the end we ended up with two reliable actors who gave up a lot of time for us to film and Bournemouth Train Station came around to letting us film there. If given the time I would change our film to add in more dialogue between Lucas and Grace and sort out the sound properly at the Train Station. I however would not change the poster as I feel is a suitable to the film, but I would add an image of the poster into our film review as many film reviews do this. Overall I believe we are all pleased with the outcome of our three products.

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